Hi there, I'm Sarah


Art has been my passion since forever! I've always been obsessed with drawing, painting, and diving into the fascinating world of art history and philosophy.

That passion led me to pursue an Honours Degree in Fine Arts. After rocking the art scene as an artist and photographer in London for years, I decided to level up my game by completing a Postgraduate Degree in Education, specializing in Art Education for Secondary School and beyond.

Believe it or not, I've been teaching art for over 20 years (yep, I'm getting up there!). From little munchkins to cool teens, I've worked my magic in both Primary and Secondary Schools as an art specialist, as well as someĀ private tutoringĀ along the way! Seeing the pure joy on kids' faces when they create art and the pride they feel when they finish a project (even the big kids!) is what keeps me going.

When the crazy COVID storm hit in 2020, I didn't let it rain on my parade. I took my art classes online and taught the entire school remotely. That's when it hit meā€”I could reach an even bigger audience and spread the art love far and wide. So, after a well-deserved 3-year break (hey, even superheroes need a breather!), I'm here to help your child unleash their artistic superpowers!

So, buckle up and join me on this wild ride of igniting a passion for art in children and keeping their creative juices flowing well into their teenage years and beyond!

Sending you funky vibes and art-filled wishes,