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About Me

Hi there, 

Art is one of those passions that found me early on in life. I’ve always loved drawing and painting as well as learning about the history and philosophy of art, this led me to study an Honours Degree in Fine Arts. I worked as an artist and photographer in London for many years, before completing a Postgraduate Degree in Education, specialising in Art Education for Secondary School and beyond.

Experienced art teacher and online tutor Sarah Shackleton holding an sea horse art work

I have more than 20 years experience (gosh, I am getting old!) in teaching art to people aged 4 to 44, working in both Primary and Secondary Schools as an art specialist, as well as private tutoring.  

I love the happiness children feel when they are creating art and how proud they are once they have completed a project (and that's not just the little ones!) I weathered the COVID storm in 2020 by teaching online art to the entire school I was working at. I realised I could teach and encourage art to a larger audience if I taught online and so after much encouragement from all the children’s parents and yes, a little 3 year break! I am here to help your child create art. 


I grew up in South Africa, have worked and lived in London and now been in Dubai for over 16 years. I love Dubai and all the opportunities it provides but like many expats, always have a space in my heart for home. 


So this is me, please join me on my journey of fostering a love of art in children and keeping them producing art even into their teens and beyond!


Best Wishes


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